Our Story

Our community has citizens who are impoverished and living in suboptimal conditions.  Some homes are without proper flooring, without heat or air, without proper plumbing, etc. Often these individuals and families do not have the means or resources to make the needed repairs and/or updates on their home. We often wonder why God doesn’t do something about this and help these people.

God commands us to love each other and we are to be His hands and feet. God is doing something about it. He created Christ-centered people who have a heart for those in need. Two men in our community saw this need, and heard God’s command. They decided to gather other Christians to form a ministry to renovate homes, free of charge and to share the love of Christ with these individuals and families. Saint Francis of Assisi said, “Preach the gospel always and if necessary, use words.” We hope that through our physical labor, Christ’s light can shine on these families. Our hearts are motivated to do this only because God first loved us and all glory should be given to God through this ministry’s work.

In 2016, we were able to help 15 families, with things like roofs, A/C units during our hot summer, and fixing  plumbing issues, like getting hot water to a family that hadn’t had it in five years, and fixing toilets. Already in 2017, we have hit the ground running, with a waiting list of people who need help, including projects like sheetrocking a house, windows, doors, bathroom remodel roofs, and more. Some of the projects are one-day fixes and others take weeks. But God gets the glory for all!

First Project

We are excited about the fact that we were already able to have our first project! Recently, we met a wonderful woman named Christine Sansom. It was such a joy meeting her and her husband. During the harsh winter, they had one of their main water lines break and the city had to turn off their water supply to the house until they got the pipe fixed. For water, she was walking over to her neighbors home and filling buckets up from the hose and transporting them back to her house. She would then heat the water up on the stove and use that so she and her husband could have bath water. We were able to have the main line and some other pipes fixed immediately and on May 1st – 3rd we will be remodeling their kitchen! We hope to ease life a bit more for both of them. It’s because of this ministry that they now have running water in their home again! And soon, they will have a better and more functional kitchen. Thank you so much for you support!